The perfect mille-feuille of Yann Couvreur, Paris
2016. június 11. írta: világevő

The perfect mille-feuille of Yann Couvreur, Paris

Mille-feuille is probably my favorite pastry, so I've tasted it at the best pastry chef's of the world. But this one is unique. 




This is it: mille-feuille with Madagascar vanilla. (Click for full size) 

It's so fragile, that it is just prepared á la minute.  And it is also limited: every day they just produce 50 pieces between 12 and 5 PM.
I was lucky enough, that the chef recognised me on my visit, so he made an exception because of my flight, and I could enjoy it in the morning. 


This is how it is made:

Even the espresso (pretty rare in Paris!) and the Kouign-Amann is great, a fantastic place for breakfast, too:

Pâtisserie Yann Couvreur.

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