A perfect day - Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Restaurant, HANDA Opera
2016. április 03. írta: világevő

A perfect day - Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Restaurant, HANDA Opera

 A brief photo essay of the lunch at Bennelong, Sydney.

Bennelong is the restaurant in the third building of the Sydney Opera House. (Yes, it consists of 3 buildings, the 2 great halls are also separate buildings!) It serves a 'simple' lunch menu (you can choose 2 or 3 dishes) and it has also the stunning architecture of the whole complex!  

And even more, since I'm in love with this:

And the food:

We got some special starters, normally you can order them for supper or at the bar:

Red claw yabbies
lemon jam, cultured cream, buckwheat pikelets

Byron Bay black pig culatello
barley toast, truffle butter, radishes

Sydney rock oysters (from Merimbula) with lemon and pepper granita

[Click on the photos to enlarge!]


Bread and Tasmanian butter:


Line caught southern squid
charred pickled cucumber, munyaroo,
Tasmanian pepper, verjuice


Prawn raviolo
organic radishes, fermented chili & prawn jus



Roasted John Dory, served on the bone (personal favorite!)
orach, turnips, native coastal greens, umami butter


and a bit later:


Macleay Valley suckling pig
confit organic carrots, pickled onions, black & white garlic




Cherry jam lamington


Crème caramel vs mille-feuille (personal favorite!)

Chocolate cake from across the water

And the rest of the day was also fabulous, with a nice walk, some coffee, relaxing in the Andrew Charlton Pool, and enjoying Turandot in the HANDA Opera in Sydney Harbour.


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