A poem for lunch! Domonique Crenn ** is the guest chef in Ikarus
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A poem for lunch! Domonique Crenn ** is the guest chef in Ikarus

Dominique Crenn received as the first ever female executive chef  2 Michelin stars in the USA. Her restaurant is Atelier Crenn in SanFrancisco with vers strong culinary heritage from Bretagne, France. She is the current guest chef in Ikarus, Salzburg, Austria in March. And she writes poems instead of menus. Here is her poem.
[Magyar változat itt.] 


Dominique Crenn received 2 Michelin stars as the first female chef in the US. Her restaurant Atelier Crenn is in San Francisco, she is the guest chef of Ikarus, Salzburg, Austria in March. 

The winter menu in Atelier Crenn: 


Pictures from kitchen of Ikarus. Main figures: Dominique Crenn (the guest chef), Eckart Witzigmann (the patron of Ikarus, chef of the century), Martin Klein (the chef of Ikrarus).

And here is the poem in pictures:

Kir (the reinterpretation of Kir Royale, white chocolate skin filled with cider, topped with cassis)


Tuna – buckwheat – bell pepper – sesame


Caviar – banana – pecan nut

I found the banana too dominant and too sweet, otherwise a great combination!

Abalone – alga – bacon

With a special demonstration by chef Klein: how to open, clean and soften an abalone!

Scallop – fermented pineapple

Magnificent dish! Acidity of the finger lime makes it a very well balanced, very interesting dish, loved it!


Lobster – coconut

Also one of my favorites. A hint of Cayenne pepper makes it hot, lobster poached in coconut oil, the sauce is coconut milk and yogurt,


“Golden egg” – oysters – leek

And some bread crumbles on top to add a crispy texture.


Sepia – lardo ham – potato

Brilliant one again! The spaghetti shaped squid and the crispy ink squid potato chips.

Duck liver – heart of deer – beetroot

The soft duck liver unfortunately overwhelmed by the beet root and the red berries.

Pigeon – little turnip – kumquats

Wonderful pigeon breast, but the kumquat - filled with onion jam - was way too sweet.

Cheese tarte – Périgord truffle – thyme honey

Umami tsunami - a buckwheat tarte filled with caramelised onions and melted Brie de Meaux.

And my video about the shaving of the truffle:

Fennel yuzu granité – pickled rhubarb

Nice predessert, very acidic, very fresh!


Blackberry – sorrel – fir

Like a new nordic dessert: perfect balance, not too sweet, not too sour, with an ice cream like snow...

More details about the current guest chef and Ikarus!

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