The world's best sushi chef: Sushi Saito *** in Tokyo
2016. február 01. írta: világevő

The world's best sushi chef: Sushi Saito *** in Tokyo

The 3 Michelin-starred Saito recently got the award of Tabelog for best sushi in Japan. This was my dinner there in January 2016.
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You can try to book Sushi Saito here (referral link)

Sushi Saito is one of the toughest bookings in Japan, as Andy Halyer said: "Saito now seems to be becoming effectively introduction-only, though not officially so. However it has always been a very tough reservation; I have only managed two visits in my last 9 trips to Japan, despite trying for a reservation every time."

Here is my short video about his amazing style:

The book for reservations, it is not easy to get in, but it's absolutely worth the effort! And the surroundings of the restaurant. (click on the photos to enlarge them!)

Saito is still not really easy to find. But inside you forget all the problems, and he even proves, that there is no need for a great sushi chef to be rude with his guests, it is even allowed to share a smile or laugh with them...


First rounds:
[Most of the descriptions I got from Little Meg, please check out her Instagram account for more, she is amazing!]

Shirauo ('Japanese anchovies' or ice fish).
Abalone and octopus.

Katsuo zuke (marinated bonito)
Shirako (cod's milt)
Kegani (Japanese horse hair crab)
Grilled nodoguro (blackthroat seaperch)

Inada (juvenile yellowtail)
Buri zuke (marinated adult yellowtail)
Kohada (Gizzard Shad)

And the usual trio of maguro (tuna):
Akami zuke (marinated)
Fish from Ōmu,167 kg.

Sumi Ika (squid)
Kuruma ebi (shrimp)
Aji (horse mackerel)
Uni (Hokkaido Baffon Uni, sea urchin)

Anago Shio & Tsume (sea eel with salt and tsume sauce)
Futomaki (anago (sea eel), tamago (egg), shrimp, kanpyo (dried shavings of calabash), cucumber)
Miso soup with mussles
Tamago (egg) 

The whole dinner was really amazing, and it had a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere!
The bonus was, when I asked the chef to take a photo with me, he agreed immediately. Margaret took the photo, and afterwards Saito-san patted my belly and gave his expert opinion: Ōtoro-san! (the fattiest part of the tuna belly...) 


Wonderful experience and fantastic food, highly recommended!

Cleaning up...


You can try to book Sushi Saito here (referral link)

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