Nakahara: the best wagyu yakiniku experience in Tokyo!
2016. január 12. írta: világevő

Nakahara: the best wagyu yakiniku experience in Tokyo!


Do I need to say more?
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Okay, just a bit. Kentaro Nakaha is the chef of this casual yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant. He is open-minded and speaks a great English, so the best option is to try to book the counter, then you can see the whole action, it is great fun to watch that master doing his job!

He is buying whole beef in a special auction for wagyu cows, as he said to me, brands (like Kobe) are not so important for him, just the taste! And after this amazing dinner I couldn't say this is a bad concept!


You can find all the valuable parts of the animal on his menu, the omakase is a good choice to have an inexpensive overview, but you will regret if you don't try some of his other specialities as well. For example the tongue in '3 acts', which is considered as one of the very best parts. (pre-ordering is recommended!)


Most of the cuts are grilled by yourself on the small charcoal grills installed into the table (don't worry about the smoke!), but some very thin slices are better made by the pros, cause they really just need a couple of seconds on the grill. Other favorite cuts and dishes: oyster blades, sirloin, wagyu sushi(!), deep-fried(!) steak sandwich.

And more:

At that night we've been lucky enough to greet the one Michelin-starred modern kaiseki chef of Jimbocho DEN, Zaiyu Hasegawa in the restaurant, so he had a special vegetable based dish for us as a surprise (this is normally not on the menu, but it's not impossible to meet him there since the two chefs are very good friends).

Sumibiyakiniku Nakahara is highly recommended, not to miss from your trip to Tokyo! But don't don't forget to book well in advance, it is very popular!

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