Being a troll on the Bocuse d'Or
2015. február 03. írta: világevő

Being a troll on the Bocuse d'Or

As a Hungarian food+travel writer it was an important job for me to be active part of the show. The best opportunity was to act like a troll a bit...


On the photo above you can see the Hungarian supporters' special hat. Not a very nice one, but for sure very easy to remember. The MC of the world's biggest cooking competition will remember it also, he had to wear it. Vincent Ferniot seemed to be cool enough to take the challenge - and the hat - from me, so I used the opportunity to hand him the hat in front of the whole arena and the TV cameras. And he took it! Chapeau!

He even took a selfie with the hat on his head, and called it 'the most ridicoulous hat he has ever seen in his life'.


This is the whole action on video:

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